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Dallas: North, East, South & West

Apartment Property Valuation offers investors cap rate and valuation information for apartment properties throughout the Dallas metro area. Whether the building is up in Highland Park, down in Fair Park, over in Arlington or right Downtown, finding its value is just a few clicks away. Just enter the property address in the box above to get started.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is locally known as the "Metroplex." Dallas is the eastern and most populous city in the metroplex which also includes Fort Worth, Arlington, Grapevine, Irvin, Frisco, and Mesquite, among others.

Dallas is around 230 miles from the largest city in Texas - Houston. That is to say largest in regards to population which is currently around 2 million. Several Texas metro areas are quite large in terms of physical size.

A few interesting facts about Dallas:

  1. The famous 24/7 snack stop 7-Eleven got its start in Dallas. It was an offshoot of an ice-selling operation called the Southland Ice Company. This expansion started in the 1920's, but it wasn't until 1965 that the world got it's first brain freeze with the introduction of the "icee" (now slurpee).
  2. Of course Dallas is famous for being the location where Kennedy was assassinated by Oswald. The interesting fact here is that you can still go see movies at the theater in Dallas (now a historic landmark) where Lee Harvey Oswald was actually arrested.
  3. You can visit the graves of Bonnie and Clyde in Dallas, but you'll have to make two trips - they're buried in different graveyards.

Dallas is a great place for rental property, whether on the Stemmons Freeway or in Planto Allen McKinney. Here at Apartment Property Valuation we offer investors cap rate and valuation information for apartment properties throughout the Dallas metro area. Just enter the property address in the box above.

Sunset over downtown Dallas

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