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Downtown Houston
Downtown Houston

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Houston apartment owners enjoy one of the fastest growing markets in the country. A dynamic market requires shrewd insights. Use our cap rate tool to determine property values for assets located in Midtown, Downtown, Galleria, Garden Oaks, River Oaks, Houston Heights, Northside, or in any other metropolitan neighborhood. From Sugarland to Clear Lake and Greenway Plaza, we've got you covered!

Houston is locally regarded as having leading performing and visual arts venues. There are countless restaurants offering cuisine in everything from Tex Mex and South American all the way to Middle Eastern and Vietnamese. Plenty of places to shop and sports venues round out the appeal of this modern metropolitan city.

The official Houston government website says:

Houston is one of the dynamic frontiers on the world stage. With its proximity to the Southern Hemisphere and having the infrastructure to accommodate the growing needs of numerous global interests, Houston has become an international destination and one of the world's great cities.

It goes on to say that Houston houses 23 Fortune 500 companies and that 'Houston's infrastructure is also strengthened by three airports, which form the sixth-largest airport system in the world, and a massive trucking and rail system that links the southern, south central, midwestern and western United States. More than 600 trucking firms operate in Houston, and two major rail systems operate 14 mainline tracks radiating from Houston.'

It's easy to see how Houston has become a thriving cultural center in the deep southernmost area of the continental US. Houston is about 230 miles from Dallas but only 165 miles from Austin, Texas and 197 miles from San Antonio, Texas.

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Dataspot Analytics LLC is a New York-based data science company that focuses on investment real estate. It offers insights to investors and industry participants looking to be on the pulse of local market conditions throughout the United States. Its valuation tools and educational materials provide users with real-time access to the vital information needed to make educated real estate decisions.

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