How It Works


Enter Property Address

Users may enter a property street address located anywhere in the United States.


Enter Property Characteristics

The tool relies on user descriptions of physical attributes and earnings potential.


Refine Income & Expenses

Users are able to make adjustments to a proforma income and expense statement generated from data analytics.


Get Valuation

The tool displays an automated valuation, as well as a value based upon the user's projections.

It takes less than four minutes


What does single-family home mean in real estate?

Single-family is a term used to describe a dwelling that houses just one family. It is usually distinguished from "multifamily," which describes a dwelling that accommodates more than one household.

Are rental properties a good investment?

It depends. Rental properties can be either a good investment or a bad one. There are several factors at play, including the following:

  • How well the property is managed
  • Whether the acquisition price was reasonable
  • How much rental rates increase over the holding period
  • How much the owner has to spend to keep the property in good shape
  • How much operating expenses increase
  • The sale price that can be achieved and
  • The income tax implications, which will vary from owner to owner.

Can I buy a property and rent it out?

Although the answer is typically "yes," it can depend. Each state has landlord-tenant laws that govern the rental of residential property. State statutes provide for renting out a home and spell out certain obligations of a landlord. A prospective landlord should be sure to find out whether the dwelling is part of a homeowners or condomium assocation. If so, it is important to review its rules, which could place additional restrictions on owners.