How the Rental Housing Valuation Tool Works

Apartment Property Valuation helps users find the value of rental housing whether it is a large apartment complex, a small multifamily building or a home being used as an investment property. The valuation calculator uses the income capitalization approach (net operating income / cap rate) to arrive at valuations for rental properties located in the United States.

Users enter basic information about a property including its location, income and expenses, number of rental units and the year and quality of construction. The automated system then determines and displays the stabilized net operating income of the property. Users then have an opportunity to adjust the automated income and expense assumptions.

Once the user determines the stabilized net operating income of the property, the valuation tool assigns an appropriate cap rate. The cap rates and valuations result from an analysis of large amounts of data about comparable rental properties. The valuation conclusions reflect local market conditions for the class, size and type of property being evaluated.

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