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Apartment Property Valuation makes it fast and easy for investors to find the value of apartment properties throughout the United States. The rental property valuation tool requires just a few pieces of information, and there's nothing to lose getting started. It's completely free.

What Is a Cap Rate?

Cap rate is an abbreviation for capitalization rate and there are a few different ways to calculate it.

How to Find Cap Rates

Learn three different ways to find cap rates from our informative video.

Do Cap Rates Show ROI?

What does knowing the cap rate mean and other real estate FAQs.

What Is the Current Cap Rate for Apartments?

Apartments buildings in the US currently sell for about a 7% cap rate on average, but knowing the average cap rate for the whole country has limited practical value.

How the Cap Rate Calculator Works

How the tools provided by Apartment Property Valuation work.

APV Apartment Location Ranking System

Find property location rankings based upon market size, population density, propensity to rent and household income.