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Enter Property Address

Users may enter a property street address located anywhere in the United States.


Enter Property Characteristics

The tool relies on user descriptions of physical attributes and earnings potential.


Refine Income & Expenses

Users are able to make adjustments to a proforma income and expense statement generated from data analytics.


Get Cap Rate & Valuation

The tool displays an automated cap rate and valuation as well as a value based upon the user's projections.

It takes less than four minutes and is completely free!

Tulsa skyline from Central Park
Tulsa skyline from Central Park

Markets We Cover

Apartment Property Valuation has the data you need on the Tulsa apartment market. Find the cap rate and valuation for any multifamily apartment property in Riverview, Brookside, Pearl District, Downtown, and many other sub-markets throughout the Tulsa metropolitan area. Just enter an address above to get started.

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Education + Analytics

Dataspot Analytics LLC is a New York-based data science company that focuses on investment real estate. It offers insights to investors and industry participants looking to be on the pulse of local market conditions throughout the United States. Its valuation tools and educational materials provide users with real-time access to the vital information needed to make educated real estate decisions.

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